What To Expect From Having Street View | Trusted For Your Business

blog-4aug-image1We’ve talked about what Street View | Trusted is and what the service comprises. We’ve talked about how you can find the best Google Trusted Photographer or Google Trusted Agency that can help you with setting up your virtual tour.

Today, we’d like to share with you what you can expect in just a few months of engaging with potential customers with Street View | Trusted. Here’s a story about one of our clients:


Llao Llao is a frozen yogurt food store which promotes one of the healthiest and most recommended food products in the world. However, they weren’t quite sure how to communicate this information to the world.



They wanted a way to promote their business online without spending too much. So when they heard about Street View | Trusted (formerly called Google Business View), they immediately had View2Offer.com’s Google Trusted Photographers carry out the task of creating a 360-degree online tour for their business. The tour was exposed across Google Search and Google Maps, and was viewed by people from all over Singapore.


In just a few short weeks, Llao Llao was able to increase their brand presence by up to 100%. Their online exposure on Google also increased by 71%, and traffic to their website shot up by about 96%. All this, of course, led to a huge increase in sales.



Of course, results will vary depending on business and other marketing efforts. Still, research has shown that having Street View | Trusted for your business will definitely increase your Google prominence, give your website higher chances of being found by potential customers online, and help boost your SEO, all without having to spend too much and go through much hassle. In short, you can expect to be as successful as Llao Llao.

For more questions about Street View | Trusted, you may call us anytime and we’ll be glad to give you a free consultation.

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