SMEs and the Importance of Being Found On The Map

Traditional-mapThe importance of being located on the map dates as far back as the ancient times. The earliest recorded maps in history were the Babylonian clay tablets from about 2300 B.C., and from then on either for personal or commercial purposes, people have relied on maps to discover new places, navigate new areas, and find what they are looking for.


Maps have gone a long way ever since. By the power of what we today call the Internet, maps aren’t huge spreads of paper anymore, and looking for something on the map is as simple as typing any place you want to find on your mobile device or PC. Within seconds, you’ll know exactly where a specific place is located– but only if the place has a good representation on the map.



This power to locate anything on an online map has given small and medium businesses a chance to be seen, even if they only have a single existing branch. Thanks to internet marketing, finding a product, service, or store is easier than ever—and maps are proving to be a really significant tool for most businesses to get themselves exposed.


According to Google, one out of every five searches is related to a location, and an improved search facility is a huge opportunity for small businesses to successfully target a local audience.


Street View | Trusted is a platform in which Google allows small and medium businesses to put themselves on the map. And not only that– once a customer locates you through a quick search on Google, they can proceed to view the actual interiors of your business, bringing your entire marketing scheme to a whole new different level.




Maps have come along way with the introduction of the Internet. With the innovative minds of the people from Google, we can expect more exciting improvements to our map experience.

What do you think about Google’s Street View | Trusted? Do you find its 360-degree virtual tour helpful for both businesses and consumers alike? We want to hear from you. Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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