Engage Customers with Google Business View

Get closer to the most important part of your business – your customers. Build lasting relationships by sharing what’s new and responding to customer feedback as you receive it.

Your Customers Should Never Miss An Update

Keep your customers in the know by posting updates, news and special offers on your Google+ page. Your customers can +1 and comment on the content you post, giving you a direct connection to their feedback.

Bring Your Google+ Page To Life

Grab the attention of your customers by showcasing your products or services with beautiful pictures. You can also add a profile photo, set a cover image and post videos to help highlight the best of what you offer.

Find Your People

The follow button lets loyal customers stay up-to-date when you share special offers, news or updates. The number of followers you have can also show up when your business appears in Search.

The Power Of +1

Customers trust recommendations from people they know. The +1 button lets customers show their support with just a click of a button. They can +1 your page as well as specific content that you share.

Respond To Customer Feedback

Customer ratings and reviews help you stay on top of valuable feedback. You can also respond to reviews as the business owner.

Connect Face-To-Face With Hangouts

Face-to-face video chat lets you connect with your customers, whether they’re nearby or miles away. From announcing a customer appreciation event to showing off your latest product, it’s easy to reach out and talk with customers around the world.

Let Us Grow Your Business on Google

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